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Available Colors
Crystal - Burgundy Premier (+15%)
Crystal - Gamay Premier (+15%)
Crystal - Bruciato Premier (+15%)
Crystal - Dark Brown Premier (+15%)
Crystal- Black Premier (+15%)
Crystal- Saddle Premier (+15%)
Crystal-Buckskin Premier (+15%)
Dollaro Beige
Dollaro Black
Dollaro Dark Beige
Dollaro Mocca
Oregon - Ash Premier (+15%)
Oregon - Bottle Green Premier (+15%)
Oregon - Chestnut Premier (+15%)
Oregon - Claret Premier (+15%)
Oregon - Moss Premier (+15%)
Oregon - Oxblood Premier (+15%)
Oregon -Rust Preimer (+15%)
Milano- White (+10%)
Milano- Black (+10%)
Rub Off Blue
Rub Off Brown
Rub Off Copper
Rub Off Green
Rub off Red
Rub Off Tan

Origon Crystal- Newcastle are all Premier leathers 15% extra on standard price
Milano is a smooth leather which is 10% extra on standard price
Old English is a semi- aniline which is 10% extra on standard price




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